PA Child Labor Laws

The power point below will take you through the Pennsylvania Child Labor Laws
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PAGE - PA Association for Gifted Education

A nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to helping gifted learners, parents and educators. Welcome to the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE), where teachers & parents can learn more about gifted students and gifted education. We encourage you to join PAGE and explore our site to see what PAGE can do for you!

Gifted Link

PA Career Link Southwestern PA

PA Career Link of Southwestern PA is dedicated to help individuals find a job, get vocational rehabilitation, create a resume, research careers, and find training. If you are interested in learning what PA Career Link has to offer please click on the link below.

PA Career Link

OVR - Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

The Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, or OVR, provides vocational rehabilitation services to help persons with disabilities prepare for, obtain, or maintain employment. OVR provides services to eligible individuals with disabilities, both directly and through a network of approved vendors. Services are provided on an individualized basis.

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Washington District Office
201 West Wheeling Street
Washington, PA 15301
724-223-4430 v/tt
724-223-4463 fax

OVR link    

MH/MR of Washington PA

The MH/MR Program administers a wide range of clinical, behavioral, developmental, rehabilitation and other specialized services through contracts with many specialty service agencies and professionals.  MENTAL HEALTH and MENTAL RETARDATION services are available for both emergency situations as well as part of a planned course of individualized program activities.

MH/MR Link

PYLN - Pennsylvania Youth Leadership Network

The PYLN is a team of youth leaders with disabilities from across Pennsylvania with a purpose to develop the self-determination, empowerment, and leadership of youth that promotes successful post school outcomes in the areas of education, employment, independent living, and health and wellness among youth and young adults throughout Pennsylvania.


T.E.C. / Transitional Employment Consultants

Vision, Mission and/or Purpose of Organization

TEC's mission is to assist individuals with disabilities to become productive, independent members of the community by providing job readiness training and placement into competitive employment.

TEC Link

Washington Rides

The mission of the Washington County Transportation Authority (Washington Rides) is to promote and provide high quality, cost-effective transportation to the citizens of Washington County and surrounding areas as appropriate, especially older adults, persons with disabilities, veterans, and economically disadvantaged individuals, including those on Medical Assistance.

Washington Rides Link

The Pennsylvania Work Incentives Planning & Assistance (WIPA) Program

Are you a Social Security benefi ciary with a disability who received a Ticket to Work, or who is interested in returning to
work? The Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act increases your choice in employment services and provides
help for you to navigate work rules and regulations. All of these initiatives are designed to help you participate in the workforce and increase your fi nancial self-suffi ciency.  The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers numerous work incentives that can help you transition into employment, including statewide services that can help you identify and use these work incentives!

Link to WIPA brochure

PEAL Center

The PEAL Center is Pennsylvania's Parent Training and Information Center (PTI)
serving Western and Central PA. 


PA Training & Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN)

A professional development network to share information with parents.



ATTO: Assistive Technology Training Online Project

The Assistive Technology Training Online Project (ATTO) provides information on AT applications that help students with disabilities learn in elementary classrooms.


Vote PA

Are You Eligible to Vote?
To register to vote in Pennsylvania, you must be:
  • A citizen of the United States for at least one month before the next primary, special, municipal, or general election.
  • A resident of Pennsylvania and the election district in which you want to register and vote for at least 30 days before the next primary, special, municipal, or general election.
  • At least 18 years of age on or before the day of the next primary, special, municipal, or general election.

PA Vote Link

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Federal Student Aid

Welcome to the Federal Student Aid Gateway—the source for free information, guidance and tools for federal student assistance—from the U.S. Department of Education's office of Federal Student Aid. We're striving to make your quest for financial aid information easier, because our goal is to support your success. So start here and go further than you ever imagined!

Federal Student Aid Link

College Preparation Checklist brochure - finding money for school, taking the right classes, and choosing a career.

College Prep Link

Going to College...

This Web site contains information about living college life with a disability. It’s designed for high school students and provides video clips, activities and additional resources that can help you get a head start in planning for college. Through several interviews, college students with disabilities from across Virginia provided key information for the site. These video clips offer a way for you to hear firsthand from students with disabilities who have been successful. Each module includes several activities that will help you to explore more about yourself, learn what to expect from college and equip you with important considerations and tasks to complete when planning for college. Share these with your parents, teachers and guidance counselor — you might just teach them a thing or two.

Going to college link

Autism Transition Handbook

Autism Link

Transition Health Care Checklist

The Pennsylvania Department of Health southwest regional staff and their community partners recognized a gap in health services for youth with special health care needs. When these youth leave school, they transition from having different or no insurance coverage, from seeing pediatric specialists to searching for adult medical specialists, and from good coverage for medications to having to understand new systems for obtaining medicines. Working with the State Transition Team, agencies, and families, the Transition Health Care Checklist was created to guide youth, families, and professionals during this time of change.

Health Care Link

Secondary Transition Road Map

Secondary Transition Road Map

Road Map Link

Selective Services

Selective Services Information

Selective Services Link

Department of Welfare

The mission of DPW is to promote, improve and sustain the quality of family life; break the cycle of dependency; promote respect for employees; protect and serve Pennsylvania's most vulnerable citizens; and manage our resources effectively.

Their website features information to help families and individuals find the resources they need to live healthier, happier lives; as well as offering providers valuable information to help them in their day to day activities providing care and services for Pennsylvanians.

Department of Welfare Link

CCIS - Child Care Information Services

CCIS is the hub for information about choosing child care and other children’s services throughout Washington County.


Community Action Southwest

Community Action Southwest (CAS), a non-profit organization, has been serving Washington and Greene counties since 1965. Founded by a group of community leaders, the initial focus of the agency was to identify local conditions that led to poverty, sensitize the community to the incidence and conditions of poverty, mobilize private and public resources to impact on poverty and develop programs and services that would help eradicate poverty. Our mission remains much the same today. Our goal is to mobilize public and private resources to deal with the causes of poverty, not just its impact. Our role is to provide a hand up, not a hand out, by incorporating self-help and education into all of our programs and services. Community Action Southwest offers programming in the following areas: Early Childhood Services, WIC (Women Infants & Children), Family Economic Success, and Senior Services. The navigation bar above will help you find the service that meets your needs.

CASW Link (WIC information included in this site)

WCHA (Washington County Housing Authority

The Washington County Housing Authority's mission is to develop, manage, and administer quality housing for low and moderate-income persons and to promote economic growth and quality living environments in our communities.  We strive to pursue this mission within the context of limited government resources by providing assistance to our clients (residents) that results in (1) leveraging HUD resources wtih those of the private sector and other public agencies, (2) efficient program administration, and (3) creative approaches to problem solving.

WCHA website link